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Valentines pipe cleaner glasses - tutorial how to make pipe cleaner glasses

For the holidays, the kids met with their cousins and Nounours wanted to make some handmade crafts to gift them. So we made some pipe cleaner glasses. The kids really enjoyed wearing them and pretended being grown-ups.
These pipe cleaner glasses are easy and quick to make. They will take you less than 10 minutes and you can customize them as you want.

If your kids are into Spiderman, you can show them pictures of Andrew Garfield wearing pipe cleaner glasses!

How to make pipe cleaner glasses

Valentines pipe cleaner glasses heart

For the first model, we fixed a little heart on the middle of the glasses.

Time needed: 5-10 minutes.
Valentines Pipe cleaner glasses- what you will need

You will need:

  • Pipe cleaners
  • Scissors


Start with one long pipe cleaner. Wrap one extremity in a rectangle or circle shape. The reproduce the same on the other extremity leaving a little spacing between the two shapes.

Valentines pipe cleaner glasses - step 1

Then take two long pipe cleaners and roll them together. That should help make them a bit more solid.

Valentines pipe cleaner glasses - step 2

Once done, cut the pipe cleaners in two and fix them on each side of your first pipe cleaner.

Bend the end a bit to fix them on your kids’ ears.

Finally take another pipe cleaner, cut it in half. Wrap it around the middle of the pipe cleaner glasses and form the heart with the two sides.

Valentines pipe cleaner glasses - Last step

That’s it! Pretty easy right?

For more customization

For the second model, we added an I and a U. We used small pieces cleaners to form the letters and we rolled them around each eye-glass.

Valentines pipe cleaner glasses - Last step I love you
Valentines pipe cleaner glasses I love U 1024x768 - Valentines pipe cleaner glasses

My daughter kindly accepted to use her doll as a model!!

As a side note, I made a model with the sparkly pipe cleaner as a base and my daughter refused to wear them. They were too itchy for her.

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Check out these easy Valentines pipe cleaner glasses - They will make a great Valentines craft!

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