Toilet paper roll owls – an Owlsome craft for kids

These adorable toilet paper roll owls are very easy to make. The kids will love decorating them as they want. 
Plus they will only take up to 15 minutes to make!

Toilet paper roll owls Tutorial

These super easy and adorable toilet paper roll owls are great to make with kids. We included in this post four different toilet paper roll owls that we made.

Time needed: 5-15 minutes.

You will need:

  • White, orange, yellow paper
  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Paint and a paint brush
  • Markers
  • Foam or colored cardboard
  • Wiggly eyes

Instructions to make this owl toilet paper roll craft

1 | Paint the toilet paper rolls

First, you will need to paint the toilet paper rolls. You can choose whatever color you like.
My kids opted for purple and pink for their owl, while I chose a light and a dark brown.
We used acrylic paint which dries pretty quickly.

2 | Fold the top of the toilet roll owl

Once your paint dry, take a toilet paper roll and fold the top to form the ears of the owl.

3 | Fix the eyes of the owl

Use very large wiggly eyes and stick them to the top of the folded toilet paper roll.
Alternatively, if you do not have big eyes, you can cut the shape out of white and black paper.

4 | Fix the nose of the owl

In the yellow paper, cut a very small triangle and stick in just below the eyes of the owl.

5 | The owl wings!

Once done with the nose, you will need to fix the wings on each side of the toilet paper roll.
If you do have foam or cardboard you can cut out a wing out of it and stick it. If not you can use a colored paper.

6 | The owl legs!

That’s the last step, cut out two small ovals out of foam or cardboard and stick them to the bottom of the toilet paper roll.

Well done, you just made out your first owl toilet paper roll craft.

Customize your owl toilet paper roll craft

The thing we love about this craft is how easily you can customize it.
For this next model, we cut out a shape out of the blank paper and colored it before fixing it to the toilet paper roll.

And for the next one, we drew little circles on the white, yellow and orange papers and cut them out.
We then started by fixing the circles with the glue, going from the bottom of the toilet paper roll to the nose. We used alternatively 3 and 4 circles per row.

For our last model, we used pipe cleaners to decorate the owl toilet paper roll craft.

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