Things to do in Zagreb: A list of 14 places you should stop by

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Zagreb was our first stop during our recent road-trip in Croatia.  And there are so many things to do in Croatia’s capital.

Center Zagreb is divided in two: The Upper Town and the Lower Town, with attractions on both sides. It is possible to use trams or buses however we found that both sides were close enough to be discovered by foot only.

We parked our car in a parking lot near the Railway station and started our walking journey from there. Overall, we walked for 12 kilometers and here is a summary of the sites we liked the most as well as the itinerary we followed.

1. Trg Kralja Tomislava

We started our journey from Tomislav square, which is right across the main Railway station.  This was the first of the green squares we saw in Zagreb. We were impressed by how well maintained it was.

Zagreb - Tomislav square in July 2018
Zagreb - Monument dedicated to Tomislav, Croatia's first king
Zagreb - The Art Pavilion, marking the northern end of King Tomislav Square

2. Trg N S. Zrinskog

We then headed to Zrinska square. It was our favorite square in Zagreb. In the middle of the square, you can find the first fountain in Zagreb, surrounded by a little food market. There are also areas where families were playing ball games, artists selling their artwork…

3. Trg Bana Josipa Jelacica

This is Zagreb’s central square, and it is situated just below the hillside districts of Kaptol and Gradec. It is the center of Zagreb’s social life.

4. Model of Zagreb city in bronze

The model can be found on the way up to the Cathedral. Nounours and Loulou played at finding the different places we visited right before.

Zagreb - Model of Zagreb City in Bronze

5. Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

This cathedral is one of Zagreb’s defining symbols. 
At the time of our visit, there was a restoration project on-going as can be seen below. There was also a pre-restoration and post-restoration example just before the entrance of the cathedral. The difference was amazing.
The cathedral is free to visit and the inside is very beautiful.

6. Tkalciceva Street

This street is Zagreb’s most colorful street, and is full of cafés, restaurants and small boutiques. It also has a small playground and leads to the Stone Gate via a quite long series of stairs.

Zagreb's famous Tklaciceva street

7. Stone Gate

The gate to the Upper Town was closed during our visit. It is the only old town gate that has remained intact. 

Zagreb - Statue near the Stone gate

8. St Mark’s Church

The church is easily recognizable thanks to its beautiful tile roof, decorated with the coats of arms of the Triune Kingdom of Croatia, Dalmatia and Slavonia and the city of Zagreb.

Zagreb - St Mark's church and its colorful roof

9. The Strossmayer Promenade

Very nice promenade in the Upper Town. Do not forget to visit the Lotrščak Tower nearby, from which you can admire Zagreb.

  • We were not there on time, but there is a canon blast every day at noon at Lotrščak Tower.
  • You can also use the funicular to go back to the lower town or start by the visiting the lower town and use the funicular to climb to the upper town.

10. The museum of Illusions

Indisputably our kids favorite spot in Zagreb! They loved the infinity room, which is covered in mirrors and the anti-gravity room. We were all fascinated by some exhibits and really enjoyed being able to play with some of them.
The entrance is 40kn per adult and 25kn for kids (5-15). If you are a family, the family ticket will be a better option, it costs 100kn.

The museum is located in Ilica street, one of the main street in Zagreb. It is 6 kilometers long and home to several high street shops, restaurants…

11. Trg P. Preradovica

To the right of the first picture below, there is a small playground where the kids can rest and Coffee shops all around.
The Grounded Sun, is part of Zagreb Solar System, in which metal spheres representing the planets are placed in locations all around Zagreb. 

12. The Croatian National Theater

The theater is located in the Republic of Croatia square. The square is the last in the arc of eight green squares that formed Lenuci’s Horseshoe, a U-shaped system of squares in the center of Zagreb.

Zagreb - The Croatian National Theater

13. The Mimara museum

We have not been inside the museum however its facade was worth the little detour.

Zagreb - The Mimara museum

14. Trg Marka Marulica

Another green square in Zagreb, right in front of the botanical gardens. The square is dominated by the Croatian State Archives.

Zagreb - The Croatian State Archives in Marulic Square

We planned on stopping by Dolac market but we lost track of time and missed it by half an hour. Make sure you visit it in the morning.

We really enjoyed walking around Zagreb and admiring the different sites. We were surprised by how many playgrounds and green squares there were. It definitely made our visit easier for our kids, as they could rest, or play/run as they wanted in between attractions and visits.
We, for sure, do not regret including Zagreb to our itinerary. 

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Cover for a day in Zagreb
Check out this list of 14 Things to do in Zagreb, Croatia.
Check out this list of 14 Things to do in Zagreb.

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