Santa toilet paper roll craft

Santa Paper roll craft - Easy Christmas craft for kids

My daughter has always been a bit more creative than her brother, often bringing home from school some strange, I meant awesome crafts.So, to help cultivate her creative side, we often sit down and start creating random stuff.After the Halloween […]

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Amazon Prime review 2018

Amazon Prime review cover 736x482 - Amazon Prime review 2018

We have had an Amazon Prime account for about 10 years now and are using its services on a regular basis.Here is our honest Amazon Prime review of the different services and an explanation for why we will renew our […]

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Road trip in Croatia with kids

Cover Croatia 736x482 - Road trip in Croatia with kids

For the summer 2018, we wanted to take the kids somewhere they could swim. We spent the previous summer holidays in Iceland. In our winter coats.  We chose to try Croatia with our kids as it was a great road trip […]

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How to start a blog

Cover how to start a blog 736x482 - How to start a blog

I have been thinking about blogging for quite a while but only recently decided to start. I was astonished by how easy it was. If you too are thinking about it, that’s awesome, and you shouldn’t hesitate any longer.The following post […]

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