Santa toilet paper roll craft

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My daughter has always been a bit more creative than her brother, often bringing home from school some strange, I meant awesome crafts.
So, to help cultivate her creative side, we often sit down and start creating random stuff.
After the Halloween toilet paper roll craft and the snowmen, we decided to try making a Santa toilet paper roll craft. She was so happy to help and her favorite part was putting together the beard.
It turned out to be quite an easy craft and I decided to share the instructions with you.

Santa Toilet paper roll craft –  Easy Christmas toilet paper roll crafts

It took us less than 20 minutes to make this craft and kids can help on almost all the steps. I did some cutting myself though as my daughter is only 4.

For this craft, you will need

Instructions to make a Toilet Roll Santa

1 | Red and White paper

We started by cutting the red piece of paper (you can choose to do either 2/3 of the height of the TP roll or the full height) and we fixed it to the TP roll with the glue stick.
We then cut the white piece of paper (1/3 of the height of the TP roll) and stuck it on top of the red paper.

2 | Santa’s belt

We then took the brown paper and cut a small rectangle in it. To make sure it was the right size, we put to the yellow button on top of it to decide which height it should be. It just needs to be a bit bigger than the button.

Then, we glued the belt on the red bit of the toilet paper roll leaving one finger from the bottom of the TP roll. And we finished by fixing the button on the middle of the belt.

3 | Santa’s face

We started this step by gluing the wiggly eyes. We used the yellow button as a point of reference and made sure it was in the middle of the eyes.
We then stuck the nose vertically to the yellow button.
And then we put the beard on the red bit of the TP roll. At first we didn’t use enough cotton, so our beard was not big enough.

4 | Santa’s hat

For the hat, we took an old CD that we had, and used it to draw half a circle on the red paper. We then cut the half circle and rolled it to get a cone.
We fixed the white pompom on top of the cone and glued some cotton all around the bottom of the cone.

We finished by fixing the hat on top of the TP roll.

Here is our Santa Toilet Paper Roll craft. Isn’t he cute?
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I hope you enjoyed this easy Christmas toilet paper roll crafts for kids!

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