Turn your used coffee capsules into recycled Christmas decorations

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If you are a coffee lover or a fan of George Clooney, you might have some used coffee capsules at home or at work. Why not use those as a base for some homemade recycled Christmas decorations this year?

These recycled decorations for Christmas  can either be used as an ornament, a table decoration, or a name tag holder. These would also be great if you do have a stall during your kids Christmas fairs at school.

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Homemade recycled Christmas decorations – how to make a figurine out of coffee capsules

These upcycled Christmas decoarations are fun to make. You can use this as a template but personalize it as you want. You do not have to add the scarf, you can use more stickers and decorate the capsules differently. Although my daughter helped a bit , this craft will need to be made by an adult.

Time needed: 30 minutes

You will need:

Instructions to make upcycled Christmas decorations:

Here is a step by step guide to how to make recycled Christmas decorations out of coffee capsules.

Step 1

You will need to start with the coffee capsules and use the pliers to form the wavy shape as shown in the picture below.

Step 2

Then with the needle and the wire, you will need to fix the three pompoms and the two capsules.

We used 25 cm of wire for each figurine.
Start with the pompom you will use as the head of your figurines and make a hole on both sides with the needle.
Then pass the wire through the holes and the first capsule. Then do the same with the second pompom and second capsule and finish by the third pompom.

At this stage, your craft should look like this.

Once at the bottom, you will need to bring your wire at the top again, proceed similarly to what you did before, but skip the first pompom or make a node before going back.

You should obtain something like this.

Step 3

During this step you will be customizing the head of the figurine.

We choose to mix two colors for the scarf and add a halo.
For the scarf, we cut two bits of wool and stuck them to the top of the capsule with the glue.
And for the halo, we used a pipe cleaner that we rolled at the end and then glued to the top of the head.

Step 4

You can use any shape of wings you want, but here is the shape we used for this step.

Make sure to wait a bit for the glue to dry on the capsules – it takes longer than on other type of surfaces.

Step 5

Once the wings are fixed, draw the eyes and the mouth with a black pen, and put the stickers on the capsules.

Finally, you will need to make a knot with the wire.
This will depend on whether you want to turn the figurine into an ornament or into a table decoration.

For the ornaments, simply form a knot a the top of the wire.
For the table decoration, you will need to use the name tag as a reference and roll the wire accordingly. The name tag shape is available in this printable.

Coffee capsules Angels – Recycled Christmas decorations

Well done, you just recycled some coffee capsules and made cute Christmas figurines.

Christmas decorations from recycled materials

If you are looking for additional ideas on how to make Christmas decorations from recycled materials, here is a little extra one that we made out of the capsules.

I hope you enjoyed these cute recycled Christmas decorations.

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