Why you should take your kids to the London Transport Museum

I have no clue why it took us so long to visit the London Transport Museum. We have been living in London for three years and going out quite often with the kids, but we seem to have missed this one!!

But as they say it’s never too late. The London Transport Museum is awesome and you should definitely head there when you get a chance.

How much does it cost

Kids up to 17 go free.

Otherwise the London Transport Museum ticket costs 17.50 pounds if you buy the ticket once at the museum or 16 pounds online.
You can then print the e-ticket, sign it and bring it with you. 
Do not forget your ID as you might be asked to show it at the entrance.

The ticket is an annual pass, so if you visit the museum twice a year, then the price is pretty decent for the amount of time you will be spending inside!

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Getting there

The museum is in Covent Garden so very easy to access. It’s only 3-5 minutes walk from the underground.
It opens daily from 10:00 – 18:00 but can get busy on the weekends and the half terms.

How long does the visit take

Depending on how crazy you or kids are about train/buses, you can expect to spend between 2 to 3 hours inside.
Between the simulator, the playground, the double-deckers, there is a lot to do and to learn.

Main attractions

The Museum has three floors, with different themes.

At the entrance, you can pick up a free Stamper trail and follow it. There are 13 stops indicated on it and you can get 13 stamps if you complete the trail.
This is great for kids because the stamps are different and the shape you will have correspond to the area you are in.
Plus it is an easy to avoid missing any big attractions.

Usually the visit start by the third floor, where you can go inside a horse-drawn omnibus and discover the London Transport system in the 19th century.

On the first floor, you will learn about the world’s first underground train, which was powered by steam. You can even listen to the Navvies.

The ground floor, which is the biggest, is dedicated to the 20th Century and the future. 
Here are some of our favorite picks.

1 | Tube Train simulator

Although the queue can be a bit long, the simulator is totally worth it.
You get to sit on a driver seat and drive the tube for 4 minutes. While listening to different instructions, you will be stopping at different stations, opening and closing the doors for the passengers, fixing issues etc.
My kids loved it and my daughter reaction was: I’m so lucky, I got to drive a train!!!

2 | All Aboard

All Aboard is a great play zone area. Expect to be spending quite some time in there!! The kids can dress up and become a mechanic, a riverboat captain or a train driver. They will love driving the bus, repairing the
miniature tube train, making dinner on the Thames Nipper!

The area is located next to the Picnic Zone, so you can rest a bit while the kids are having fun.

3 | On the surface

There are actually two On the Surface areas in the ground floor, one for 1900-1945 and one for after 1945.
You will be fascinated by the evolution of buses throughout this period and will be able to climb on a lot of them! 
Do not miss the steep spiral stairs of the tram.

And if you keep on walking to the Transport for London area, you will even be able to drive a real bus while pressing all the buttons!

4 | Future Engineers

This new gallery is great for STEM lovers, and you can: 

  • Choose which engineer you want to become: a dreamer, a fixer or a planer.
  • Be a star for the day with your picture on the Engineer magazine.
  • Learn about the progress made around the ticket technology and scan your hand!
  • Plan a greener and happier London!

5 | Digging Deeper

In this area, you will learn how the tunnels were built while watching a video.
The explanation given were pretty clear and not that hard to follow even for young kids.

Other things to know about the London Transport Museum

  • You can bring your own picnic at weekends and during school holidays, and enjoy it on the Lower Deck cafebar on the ground floor. But you can also try out the Upper Deck cafe bar, if you fancy some transport-themed food.
  • There are special activities for children during school holidays. You can check these out on the London Transport Museum website. Because we visited close to Christmas, there was a Santa walking around and giving badges to the kids!
  • There is a free cloakroom on the ground floor which is pretty convenient if you don’t want to carry the kids’coats during the entire visit.

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We really loved this museum and now that I have an annual pass, will be returning there!
Have you ever been? What did you think of it? 

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