Halloween crafts for kids: toilet paper rolls craft

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With Halloween around the corner, my kids have started talking about their costumes and decorating the house with Halloween crafts. Last year, we had spider webs and bats, so we decided to do something different this year.
We started by collecting all the toilet paper rolls that we had around the house: we managed to find 6 ones in good shape and started decorating them.
We had a lot of fun and the kids were happy to recycle these toilet paper rolls into some funny and spooky Halloween crafts.

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Here is what you need for these Halloween crafts:

All the toilet paper crafts are very easy to make. I only had a strong glue so did all the sticking myself but for the other tasks they were able to do them alone.
Once the toilet paper tubes painted, each craft will require less than 5 minutes. So you should probably paint one day, leave the paper rolls to dry and make the Halloween crafts the next day for example.

1 – The black cat

For this one, we had to check on internet if black cats do have white mustache or not!
Anyway, we started by painting the toilet paper roll in black and left to dry for a bit.
We then folded the top to make the ears and glued the yellow eyes.
We made a hole on the back of the TP roll for the tail and glued the mustache.
You can make two holes for the mustache, which should be easier than we did.

2 – The spider

For the spider, we also started by painting the toilet paper roll in black.
We then cut the bottom of the TP roll and made eight legs.
The last step was sticking the eyes.

3 – The mummy

Guess what? We also started by painting the paper roll in black. Then, we glued the eyes and went looking for some gauze. 
We rolled it around the toilet paper roll and made sure the eyes were still visible.

4 – The bat

We started from a black toilet paper roll, to which we glued the eyes.
Then we took a black construction paper to make the wings.

5 – The monster

For the monster, we started by making the holes and twisting the pipe cleaners to make its arms.
We then glued one small eye and two large ones in the middle of the toilet paper roll.
The last step was cutting a mouth in an orange construction paper and sticking it.
You can use any other color if you don’t have orange construction paper.

6 – The one-eye monster

For our last Halloween craft, my daughter wanted to change from black and decided to paint the toilet paper roll in pink. You can use whichever color you want for this one.
We stuck one big weird eye in the middle of the toilet paper roll, made four holes in which we put some pipe cleaners and shaped them into strange arms.
Finally, we added a mouth (we used a pipe cleaner, but you could just color it instead).

We hope you will have as much fun as we did making these little Halloween crafts! 
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  • What a great craft ideas i especially adore the black cat and the bat - thank you for showing us those i will be trying making them with my family

  • These are really so beautiful!! I like to make arts and craft with the kids and this is also a perfect low cost activity! Super! I love it!

  • These are really cute! I love a good toilet roll craft - they're the one crafting material we always have in supply! Will have to get some more black paint though, I have a feeling we'll need quite a bit ;)

  • These are all so clever and a great way to use recycled items! I especially love the mummy - very funny :)

  • Ah, this looks so much fun to make! Sadly, not really decorating this Halloween since we'll be away (visiting in-laws). Will save this for next year! x

  • Good old toilet roll crafting - the best ideas never disappear. These look like a great Halloween twist.

  • Awww cute! We have made some anime characters from toilet roll tubes before. Very effective. I Love the Mummy one and the bat!

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