Fortnite Valentines day cards with free printable

Fortnite Valentines day cards - Grab you free printable

Already writing about Valentines day, isn’t that too early? Yeah probably, but we have been making personalised cards lately for birthdays and Christmas. And it led to these Fortnite Valentines day cards.

And we do have a Free printable for you to grab!!

We chose to make the famous Fortnite unicorn Llama. All Fortnite lovers are fond of the Llama and combined with a unicorn it is even better!

Fortnite Valentines day cards – Unicorn Llama

These cards come in two models.

The first version has a “Be my valentine?” message and is great for older kids and adults.

Fortnite Valentines day cards - Be my valentine? message

The second is more kids-oriented with its “Have a Magical Valentine’s day!” message. Although I’m sure adults can like it too.

Fortnite Valentines day cards - Have a Magical Valentine's day!

To use these cards, you will simply need to print them on a paper stock and cut them with scissors.

If you have craft scissors you could use those as well for more customisation of the edges.
Finally add your name or your kid’s name on the card.

Click on the image below to access the pdf version.

Fortnite Valentines day cards - Link to download the pdf

We are fan of the Fortnite Llama and even made some Fortnite Llama ornaments for Christmas

Fortnite Valentines day cards – Fortnite Battle Bus

Here is another card, this time with the famous battle bus. We’re dropping boys!

We drew the Fortnite Battle Bus and replace the regular balloon by a heart-shaped one.
You can download the pdf of the Fortnite Battle Bus Valentines card by clicking on the picture below.

Fortnite Valentines day cards Fortnite Battle Bus - Fortnite Valentines day cards with free printable

We also made a Cuddle Team Leader Valentines card that you can check out.

Cuddle Team Leader Valentines card

I hope you enjoyed these Fortnite Valentines day cards and will be sending some to your friends and lovers soon!
For the curious, the font used is the Burbank Big Condensed.
And if you wanna give Fortnite a try, here is a link to the official Fortnite website.

1f4cc - Fortnite Valentines day cards with free printable Fortnite Valentines Day cards – Pin me for later

Fortnite Valentines Day Cards 1 - Fortnite Valentines day cards with free printable

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