DIY Christmas tree crafts – Pasta crafts

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Christmas Tree Crafts - Pasta crafts

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If you have been on the blog a bit, it won’t be a surprise for you: we do love crafts! And with Christmas and cold weather around, we have been enjoying making Holiday crafts lately. For this one, we decided some fun with pasta and made three Christmas tree crafts! They are great as a house decoration.

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Pasta Christmas tree crafts

DIY christmas tree crafts - Pasta Crafts

You can use this as a template but personalise it as you want. We made three different trees using different shapes of pasta and different colors.

Time needed: 60 minutes
Christmas tree crafts - Picture showing the items you will need

You will need:


Step 1: Make a cone

To make a cone, you will need to draw half a circle on the paper and roll it. Your paper will need to be thick enough to hold the weight of the pasta and to resist to the paint.

Christmas tree crafts - step 1 draw half a circle

I used almost the whole height of the paper which led to a tree of 14 cm tall.

I used a stapler to fix the cone, but you can use a double faced tape.

Step 2: Start sticking the pasta

Once your cone is made, start by heating the glue gun if you have one and stick the pasta on the cone. I started by the bottom of the cone.

This is the longest step, so get some music some music on and be patient.

Step 3: Paint the cone

Once every pasta glued to the cone, it’s time to paint. I used the sprays I had available at home, and choose the gold one for this tree.
Carefully follow the instructions on your paint and leave enough time for it to dry.

Step 4: Paint the top pasta

Christmas Tree Crafts - Step 4 Decorate the top pasta

I choose to paint the pasta on the top of the tree in red. It was a different shape of pasta – Corrolles d’Alsace. These can be quite hard to find outside of France, but you can easily replace it by a different shape or use a star or a ribbon.

Step 5: Decorate the tree

Christmas Tree Crafts - Step 5

For this version, we glued pompoms all around the tree. You can add stickers, pipe-cleaners, etc.

And that’s it!! Well done you can now enjoy your little pasta Christmas tree crafts.

Christmas Tree Crafts - Final result

Here are the other versions we made. We went for more common shapes of pasta, a green spray paint, stickers and pompoms for the decoration.

Christmas Tree crafts - Pasta Tree model

This one was fun to make, but is the most fragile of the three trees.

Christmas Tree crafts - Pasta crafts model

This one took a lot of times, because of all the pasta involved. However I found it to be the least fragile one.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and these little Christmas tree crafts!

Christmas tree emoji Christmas Tree Crafts – Pin me for later Christmas tree emoji
Christmas Tree Crafts - Check out this how to make a Family Pasta Christmas Tree. This is an easy craft that will help you create awesome little Christmas decorations!

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