Beyblade Burst Guide for parents and beginners

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Beyblade burst guide for parents and beginners

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My son discovered the Beyblade Burst series on Netflix last year and quickly became fan. A friend of his had some blades already and he was able to give them a try. Needless to say that he quickly came back asking to get some to play with us.

We first started by checking Amazon and ebay, but the range of prices and all the models didn’t make any sense.

After some intensive research, we chose to invest in a couple of Hasbro Beyblade burst and haven’t regretted this decision since!

We have spent a lot of hours battling against each other, cheering for our blade, trading parts, and learning strategies.

It has become a daily routine. And guess what? My son is not the only fan anymore.

Although the game is not that popular in the UK, it has a large audience worldwide. They even had the first Beyblade Burst World Championship in 2018!

With all the time spent researching and playing, we thought we would put together a Beyblade burst guide, to help parents but also beginners learn more about this game.

Beyblade burst guide for parents and beginners

I – Beyblade history

Beyblade is not a new game at all. In fact, it was launched in Japan in 1999 by Tomy. A first series was launched as a marketing strategy to sell more blades.
Beyblade Burst is the third generation of Beyblade. It introduced the Burst finish, a new way to win games by exploding the opponent’s beyblades.

Season 1 of the anime is available on Netflix. It follows Valt a young passionate blader trying to reach the World League.
The Beyblade burst toys are very close to the ones in the anime and have similar names.

II – Beyblade Burst

Two brands are allowed to sell official Beyblade Burst toys: Takara Tomy, the historic Japanese brand and Hasbro.

Although the Takara Tomy blades are released earlier than the Hasbro ones and are more powerful, they are not authorized in several tournaments.

Beyblade components

Beyblade burst guide Beyblade components 1024x768 - Beyblade Burst Guide for parents and beginners

Hasbro Beyblade burst models always come in three different components described below (from left to right in the image above):

  1. Energy Layer: This piece is the one that will get in contact with your opponent when the two beyblades collide.
  2. Forge Disc: This ring affects the weight of the bey and its movement. It comes in different shapes and weights.
  3. Performance tip: This is the component that will be in contact with the beystadium. Its width will play a significant role in the speed and stamina of the bey.

The great thing about these components is that you can swap them around.

These are four models we have at home. As you can see in the picture below, the shapes of the components can be very different.

Beyblade burst guide different models - Beyblade Burst Guide for parents and beginners

Beyblade types

You can choose between 4 different types of Beyblade: attack, stamina, defense and balance.

The attack type beyblades have a flat tip to allow for a bigger contact zone with the beystadium. That helps them be quicker and more mobile than other tips. The speed allows for a bigger impact when the beyblade collides with the opponent one. But this comes with the downside of a faster speed reduction.
Their forge disc weight is not spread regularly, leading to unpredictable and aggressive moments.
The energy layer also play a significant role as it is usually serrated making it easier to grip the opponent and lead to a burst finish!

Can you recognize the attack type blades in the picture above?
Valtryek is a famous attack blade and is the one used by the hero of the series Valt! It’s the blue one in the picture.
Doomscizor D2 is also an attack blade. It’s the grey one with a D.

Then come the defense type beyblades. To reduce the impact of the choc with the opponent beyblades, the defense type are the heaviest.
Their energy layer is usually round and smooth, making it harder to grip for the opponent. And their tip can be round or can come with a ball bearing system to allow for a high stability.

Kerbeus K2, the green energy layer and Wyvron W2, the purple are two defense type blades.

The stamina type beyblades have a thin tip to limit the friction between the blade and the stadium. This characteristic will help them keep their rotation’s speed for a longer period.
Their forge disc weight is evenly spread, ensuring a very high stability.

Wyvron W2 combined with a specific disc (Jerk) and a specific Performance tip (Gyro) would be a stamina type.
Do you see where this is going?

Last but not least come the balance type beyblades. These beyblades combine elements for the three other types, making them more versatile.
You could mix up the tip of a stamina type, with a defense forge disc (for a heavier weight) and add up a serrated layer.

There are more than 5000 combinations according to Hasbro, so you can end up with some pretty unique beyblades!

We fell in love with this game because the outcome of the battles can change every time.
As soon as we change a single component of our bey, we can immediately see the impact on the next battle. And that’s great fun to try some sneaky combinations.
We can throw 2, 3 or 4 blades at a time depending on who wants to play.

III – Battling Equipment

In addition to the two battling beyblades, you will need a stadium and two launchers.


BeyBlade burst guide Beystadium 1024x789 - Beyblade Burst Guide for parents and beginners

The Beystadium is the arena where the battling happens!
It is needed to ensure the fight is contained, otherwise, the beyblades may never collide.

It comes in several different shapes allowing for different outcomes.
Ours, for instance, does have four pits in the corners where the blades could get bumped into, which is the other victory condition that attack beys would look for (other than bursting their opponent). The middle circle also has a slightly bumpy shape to force beys to move in the stadium, so even stamina or defense type would interact with their opponent.


Beyblade burst guide Beyblade launcher 1024x768 - Beyblade Burst Guide for parents and beginners

Although it is possible to launch the blade with your hand, it’s better to use a Beylauncher. It will allow for powerful launches and tricks.

By the way, it is possible to attach one launcher to another. Your kid will then be able to play by himself and test out some combinations of components, launching multiple beys at once.

IV – Beyblade Battling

This Beyblade burst guide wouldn’t be complete without some battling explanations!

Safety rules

  • Make sure there is no one and nothing right behind you – When you are going to be pulling your ripcord, you will be using your elbow and could seriously injure yourself or the person behind you. So check out your surrounding first!
  • If you do have young kids at home, watch out for choking hazard. The performance tip is not very big and little ones could try to put it in their mouth. So do not leave them unsupervised. The game is recommended for 8+.
  • Similarly, be careful with the ripcords as they come with an entanglement hazard. Never leave kids under age unsupervised.
  • Wait until all the blades have stopped spinning before getting your blade outside of the stadium.
  • Do not lean over the stadium during a battle (as a bursting bey could hit you).
  • Battle inside the stadium and far away from any breakable items. When the blades burst, one of the part might fly out of the stadium and hit any item nearby. Be cautious with that.

Getting ready to battle

Once you make sure everyone is fully aware of the safety rules, you can start battling.

Before every battle, you will need to assemble your beyblade, fixing the three components together.
Then you will get your launcher ready, by placing the ripcord into the launcher, putting the blade into the launcher and making sure it is softly locked (it does not fell off the launcher when you let it go).

You will hold your launcher on top of the stadium, with your bey directly above it.
Finally, once the two players ready, you will pull the ripcord and watch your bey battling for victory! Tradition would also invite you to say “let it rip!” when you launch.

Win conditions

A match is played until a player has three points. Points are earned depending on the outcome of the round:

  • Ring out finish: This happens when one of the beyblades is knocked out of the ring or in the Beystadium pits. The player remaining in the ring scores 1 point.
  • Survivor finish: This situation happens when one of the beyblades stops spinning. The beyblade still spining scores 1 point.
  • Burst finish: During a collision, if one of the blades bursts, then the other blade scores 2 points

Battle tips

  • Mix up your components to customize your beyblade. Try to surprise your opponent and adapt to his types of blades.
  • Learn about the different types of beys to be able to switch during the battles. Check out the strategies section!
  • Know the different types of stadiums: knowing the stadiums will help you choose the right blade.
  • Practice your launches: the stronger your launch is, the faster and longer your blade will spin.

V – Beyblade strategies

Here you will find some tips to help you win your first battles!

Choosing your launchers

A good launcher can make a significant difference in a battle. Some allow you to pull a left or right spin which will considerably change the way your beyblade behaves.

Let’s look at the picture of the Valtryek.

Beyblade burst guide Valtryek 1024x768 - Beyblade Burst Guide for parents and beginners

If you make this blade spin clockwise, then it will knock out the opponent blade when the two collide.
But if you make it spin anti-clock-wise, then it will likely burst the opponent blade.

A launcher that gives you the option to choose what you want to aim for, will help you come up with new strategies.

Changing strategies

Similar to other games or sports, you don’t want your opponents to know your strategy. So do not always go for the same beyblade, the same launcher, and the same launch style. They will quickly find out how to counter you.

Using different launching styles

There are several launching styles you can choose from, depending on what you are trying to achieve.

Parallel launch:

At the beginning you will tend to launch your beyblade with the launcher level parallel to the floor. If you are using a high-speed tip, then your blade will circle quickly on the outside of the beystadium. If your opponent is playing a defense type, staying in the middle of the stadium, you will loose your momentum way faster than him. And when you will collide, your blade will be so slow that it won’t affect the opponent.

Banking launch:

In this launch style, your launcher will be parallel to the Beystadium’s angle.

Sliding launch:

This launch is a bit trickier than the banking one, as you will have to push your launcher forward while performing a banking launch. Your blade is going to gain more power and spin in a flower pattern. This is mainly for attack-type blades as they will be colliding way more often with the opponent blades.

Weak Shooting:

This style is similar to the parallel launch but you will be pulling your ripcord slower than usual. Your beyblade will be slower and will move erratically which will make the battle way harder for attack-type opponents.

These are basic launch styles but you can discover way more launch styles in the series, where bladers have their own special moves!

VI – What Beyblade burst should you buy

If your kids want to give this game a try, you will have to get a stadium, two launchers, and a couple of blades.

If you only get two blades, your games will most likely have the same outcome each battle and will make your experience a bit boring. So you should try to get a couple more, to give this game a real shot.

For now, the blades come in three versions (1, 2, and 3), with 3 being the newest. You do not need to have the latest version to enjoy the game. But if your kids want to battle their friends, they will quickly find out than a
Spryzen S3 is way more powerful than a Spryzen S2 for instance. They will also understand that the best beyblade burst is a combination of existing beyblades.

You can probably start by getting a pack that includes a stadium, two launchers, and two blades. Then you will buy additional blades separately.

Beyblade burst Amazon 1 - Beyblade Burst Guide for parents and beginners

You can get this pack on Amazon.
It is at a pretty decent price and comes with two V3 blades.

VII – Beyblade tournaments

The game is so famous that it had its own 2018 BEYBLADE Burst World Championship.

It was a championship for the best bladers aged between 8 and 13. It took place in Paris in November 2018 with 24 countries represented.
The winner was Balanced Defender from Latvia.

If your kids are dreaming of joining the next World Champion, a great way to practice is to participate in some local tournaments. You will find some listed on the World Beyblade website.

I hope you enjoyed this Beyblade Burst guide and that will be having loads of fun playing it with your kids!

If you are looking for more screen-free activities to do with your kids, check out our favorite board games!

1f4cc - Beyblade Burst Guide for parents and beginners Beyblade Burst Guide – Pin me for later

Beyblade burst guide pin 627x1024 - Beyblade Burst Guide for parents and beginners

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  1. This is too funny, it’s like I’m reading my own story. My son who is about to turn 6 just recently discovered Beyblades both at school and on Netflix He is hooked and I have to admit, so am I. Our journey down this rabbit hole began at our local Target. My son asked if he could have a Beyblade. I asked him what it was and he said a battle spinner. So he dragged to the section and I said sure why not it was only $10. I said he could have one and then he insisted you need more than one, to the point I looked it up on my phone and said Ohh you aren’t just trying to con me into more. So we bought two. He is just turning six so he doesn’t have the full grasp of the concept so we didn’t have Stadium and it tooks a bit to figure out the launchers.
    But once we got our “sea legs” we went out bought a real BeyStadium, few more Bey and we have been fully engulfed.

    One of the great aspects about this is, once we have been getting into he hasn’t been pestering to use his tablet or our phones, well to scan them into the app and what there Spirit released. This is great fun for him and us.

    1. Hello! You seem to have been the same situation I am in right now. I have a 6 year old grandson wanting a beyblade and, of course, I had no idea what this was. So I googled and now I at least know what the toy is. I am pretty much done shopping for him but would like to get an him an inexpensive one. Can you tell me–specifically as I will be ordering on line–what would be a nice starter for him? There are soooo many options when I do online searching–I just want someone to tell me the exact name on the packaging so I can get the correct item as a starter. Thank you so much!

      1. Hello Elizabeth,

        It depends whether he already has a stadium or not.
        * If he does not have a stadium you could look up for something like ‘Beyblade Burst Epic Rivals Battle Set (Amazon Exclusive)’ on Amazon and you will get a stadium, 2 beybaldes and 2 launchers. This is the less expensive version as the beyblades are from the V2 and not the latest models.
        If you want a recent one you could look up for ‘BEYBLADE E3629EU5 Rail Rush Battle Figure Set, Multi-Colour’, it is a bit more expensive than the basic one.
        * If he already has a stadium and launchers, then you should look for Hasbro beyblades as they are less expensive than the Takara Tomy ones and you would be able to get them in time for Christmas. They are quite a lot at Target if you happen to have one nearby or if you want to order online, here are some suggestions:
        BEYBLADE Bey SS Spryzen S5
        BEYBLADE Bey Ss Achilles A5

        Good luck and enjoy the holiday season.

      1. The beyblade Wonder Valtryek has barely any stamina but if you combine it with a different tip, then it works perfectly. Try combining it with variable, which comes on Valtryek V2.

  2. Hi. This was great, but I still have a question. My 8yr old has broken two launchers and I’m having a hard time finding replacements. Can I buy a universal launcher that will work with all or most Beyblades?

    1. Hello Steven,

      It depends on the type of Beyblades you have. If you have mostly Beyblade burst ones, you can get a burst launcher who will work with all burst beyblades but not with all the other series. It won’t fit as well.

      I have never bought a launcher alone, we usually get one with the beys and the Takara Tomy ones have been pretty solid so far.

      Good luck

      1. Hello, by the way, my name is Oscar and I am 11 years old. Well ever since I was 7 I loved Beyblades. I didn’t know that much until I searched up this, well I didn’t really want a toy one at this age. When I found out my friend makes them homemade as someone who sells and works in d.t.He told me he could make it out of metal, then I was thinking if I could remember anything about Beyblades. Now I do because of you, I have now named, chose my launch and chosen my type of Beyblade. So thanks again and God bless you and your family. Including that passionate little blader of yours well bye.

    2. If you mean only one series then yes(plastic gen/og, metal fight, and burst are their own specific series.) However there is not a launcher for all 3.

    3. I am late to your question, but I have some launchers I’m trying to sell on FB (Marketplace). Have most of the beyblades sold, but still have 5 different launchers. Can also ship, if you are not local.

    1. Hi Ronald,

      You can find the special moves of the different beyblades in the corresponding series or video-games. Beyblade Burst is on Netflix and you will find some of the Beyblade Metal fusion on youtube.
      Here is a link to the Beyblade wiki in case you have not seen it already:

  3. This is an awesome guide… and I wish that I had looked at it 6 months ago! One area that my son gets frustrated is in getting the blade to “soft lock” onto the launcher. Is there a trick to this? It seems that some launchers just don’t hold them very well and the smallest jerk of hand makes them fall off. Are some launchers better and holding on until they’re released?
    Thank you for any suggestions you can provide!

  4. Does anyone have any suggestions where to buy these in the UK? Hardly anywhere sells the official ones.

    Have found a Korea based seller on eBay that may have to do.

    1. Not having much luck on the UK either. TK maxx used to have one or two but usually from earlier collections.
      We have tried Facebook marketplace for stadiums. Other than that, we order mostly online.

  5. Beyblade was very popular in the early 2000s when it first came to the UK, the cartoon was on every day and all the kids used to collect them. I noticed that they are becoming popular with a new generation and found this site. They were a very fun toy and I have fond memories!

  6. my son is very upset because he bought a new beyblade today that he saved up for. it’s called wonder valtryek (spelling?). he says: “it looks really cool but when i launch it too hard, the other opponent bursts it but when i launch it more slowly it seems to do a survivor finish.” basically it spins really well but it bursts too easily and he is upset that it is weak. we are wondering what is the better quality brand and he says “i’m going to save up for fafnir. and i am very excited for my 7th birthday because i’m going to get shokoroni beyblade.” basically WHAT IS BEST QUALITY BUT AFFORDABLE? I WANT MY KID TO BE HAPPY WITH HIS BEY!

    1. I do not know what the shokoroni beyblade is, do you mean a Cho-z?
      I understand for Valtryek, because of its shape, it tends to burst a lot, which can be quite frustrating.
      For Fafnir, we do have a Geist Fafnir from Takara Tomy. I think it’s around 20 pounds on Amazon. It’s very resilient and what is cool with it, is that it feeds from the opponent spinning.
      You should watch some youtube videos just to confirm that your son would like playing with that type of bey. Here is a link of one I found on YT:
      I hope that helps!

  7. I’m 13 I have played beyblade since I was 6 I started during the metal fusion series (the unburstable short ones) when they came out with a new version of L drago and Pegasus was very angry but because of that people now know what the old ones used to look like but not exactly

  8. Darn I bought a couple extra performance tips off eBay because my son broke a couple of his on the concrete at school they were called “Beyblade burst gyro” but they don’t fit. How do you know what would fit he has a Valtryek and spryzon.

    1. gyro is the rip-off version of Beyblade so of course they would not or you bought the metal fusion and you need the hasbro one

  9. Can the same beyblade spinner guys be used in multiple stadiums or do you have to get specific spinner guys for the specific stadium?

    1. The thing is “Beyblade burst gyro” is from a company that sells fake/knock off beyblades. if you want a real one make sure it doesn’t say rapidity/tornado/gyro those are fake.

  10. That is great information to have as a parent. I now know what they mean they mention attack or stamina 🙂 Pretty cool. thanks a lot !!

  11. My son keeps asking for a Beyblade with a protector ring but I cannot find any info on this. Do you know what he is referring to? He said he had 2 (that came with different Beyblades) but they both broke. Any help you could give me would be appreciated!!

  12. What is it about turning 6 and a boy’s brain immediately hones in on Beyblades? I was loosely aware of them with my nephews but now that my son is 6 it is ON lol. And being a stats nerd and engineer, myself, I might be more into to ratings and combos than he is! I went from basically zero awareness 2 weeks ago to secretly Ebay surfing at night for good deals on killer defense blades to counter his unstoppable Valtryek V4 that bursts my Achilles A4 80% of the time. Any activity that keeps him engaged without screen time and has a growth path that’s not too $$$ is great (though the app is pretty sweet, I must admit). I can always drop in for a few battles or lock in for a long series, too. Good times.

    My one question would be about burst rate, which I don’t see addressed here. Our blades are similarly rated but mine bursts in almost every battle, regardless of whether we’ve traded tips and/or forge discs. Is the burst rating the ease of bursting or resistance to bursting? I know each hit makes the energy layer and disc get closer to separating from the spring loaded tip mechanism and that the “teeth” of the opponent’s energy layer encourage this, but what else affects burst? I’m getting creamed over here!

  13. My grandson is asking for a Valkyrie bottom that is blue with red x’s.
    I am not finding anything. He watches u-tube videos.. I’m sure that is where he saw it.

    1. Hello!
      No you can have battles with right spinning beys only.
      It just adds to diversity, strategy and fun to have beys able to spin in different directions, as they do not behave the same way.

  14. Hi I’m Gage

    I was wondering what would happen if I used a burst bey vs a metal fusion. I don’t have a metal fusion beys so I was wondering if you knew

    1. You can still use different beyblades, metal fusion are usually heavier and smaller and rarely burst, so I guess they can end up winning a bit more!

  15. I have lots of blades but when I started I got 3 bays 1 arena the bays were a sprisine valckry and fafner and I tought fafner was the best starter bay for left spin

  16. I have been beybladeing for a while now and i would like to share my knowledge of beyblades as well. Takara tomy is the stronger and original version of hasbro however on amazon they are slightly more expensive than hasbro. I joined a group called the world beyblade organization and they host tournements for all ages and have prizes for winning. there is even a ranking system which is pretty neat!

    If you are looking for takara tomy or hasbro beyblades people sell them on the forums of world beyblade organization for a decent price for both brands.

    On a final note, if you have a takara tomy beyblade which usually has stickers and see through parts please don’t combine the drivers and layers because that will damage the beys!

  17. Can someone explain the newer beyblades with electric drives? what exactly to they do and how do they work? Much appreciated.

  18. Hi I’m Ethan and I’m 14 and I’ve played beyblade awhile now but my friends don’t
    play it at all so I left the game and forgot a lot how can I restart and find some
    good beyblades and good prices
    should I use lower tier beys for better battles or higher tier beys for more powerful and fun battles?

    1. Thats cool…I was in the same situation. I suggest what ever you can afford, and are willing to have. It also depends who you play with ( if you have someone). I will suggest higher tier. And if ur alone, there is a stadium that can let a beyblade spin infinitlety. It comes with a black valtreak. I suggest that so you can bassicaly try to burst a bey that spins FOREVER! I hope you found this helpful.

  19. See all the beyblades work on all the stadiums properly but like for example an attack type like valtriyek would have advantage in a slingshot stadium as it would gain more power from the slides and if you talk about a stamina type like fafnier then a basic stadium would be most suitable for it

  20. I do not agree with other tips section where you state “Try to wait until your opponent launched his blade to launch yours. You will be able to see the angle they used and react. You could then aim for landing your blade on top of theirs or with a great angle to make their blade burst.” My son stated that this is false. He said that would be considered “cheating” and the opponent may get mad and ask for a redo. My son is very experienced with bey blade, being the most popular at his school often getting challenged by others. He suggests getting Master Diobolos. He states it is very poweful, and with some (secret ) custom parts, hes unstopable. Hopefully you all can be to.

    1. I do not Master Diablos is a good bey blade. When my father ordered it from Amazon it kept going around the edge and eventually stopped spinning there only.

      However, Hyper Horusoud is excellent! It is tough to burst and ring out and since it is a stamina type it cannot be defeated in a survivor finish.

      1. Hey thats the whole point of master diabolos its driver is aggressive at first and when it loses spin it goes into stamina mode. Its has greay stamina and places 2nd on the tierlist of best GT beyblades after lord spriggan. Heck master spriggan,wheel,metal orbit or zone is still one the best and competitive combo’s a generation later

  21. yo i have a team name TEAM WILDFLAME and im making a live action movie and my team are the star players if u wanna see its in progres but we cant find the right things if u wanna help just ask and we will do it

  22. Can anyone help. We bought my boys a set of Beyblade Burst Surge Speedstorm Glide Dullahan D6 and Minoboros M6 Spinning Top Dual Pack. They tell me the dullahan works with thier launchers but the minoboros does not. My question is what launcher/s work with the. Minoboros so we can buy them a launcher for it. Thanks so much.

  23. I cannot get my Burst Beyblades to attach consistently and reliably to the launcher!!! It’s infuriating … I press and twist and finally it seems to stick, but you never know until you try to launch. What am I doing wrong??? Is it a left/right thing? On thé you tube videos, the kids just twist the thing and it clicks … but mine do not do it unless I fuss with them for a while … please HELP!!!

  24. Thanks this really helped! I’ve always had an obsession with putting together the OFFICIAL beyblades the way they are supposed to be put together, but in more recent years i’ve realized that using custom beyblades is fine as well. Also, does anyone have any tips for good beyblade sets that include a fairly large amount of beyblades for a good price? This is the best one i’ve found, if anyone else wants it: If this helps, leave me a reply or email me at ***********. Just kidding lol ^-^

  25. Thanks this really helped! I’ve always had an obsession with putting together the OFFICIAL beyblades the way they are supposed to be put together, but in more recent years i’ve realized that using custom beyblades is fine as well. Also, does anyone have any tips for good beyblade sets that include a fairly large amount of beyblades for a good price? This is the best one i’ve found, if anyone else wants it: If this helps, leave me a reply or email me at *********. Just kidding lol ^-^

  26. I recommend buying a dual layer valtryek so the original after single layeryou could also buy the new sparking valtryek (strike valtryek)

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