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We have had an Amazon Prime account for about 10 years now and are using its services on a regular basis.
Here is our honest Amazon Prime review of the different services and an explanation for why we will renew our membership.

How much does it cost

How much does Amazon Prime cost - Amazon Prime review 2018

The price is £79 ($119 in the US) a year or £7.99 ($12.99 in the US) per month. If you use the 30-day free trial that would come up to £87.89.  If you are thinking of giving the service a year trial, you would be better off with the one-year fee.

Students get a better deal and have access to a 6-month trial, and then £39 per year or £3.99 per month.

What is included in Amazon Prime membership

Services - Amazon Prime review 2018

The Amazon Prime offer includes a lot of different services that will be detailed later. The main ones being:

  • Unlimited free next-day delivery in the UK and two day delivery in the US for eligible items. The same day delivery is available only in certain areas.  
  • Amazon Prime Video where you can stream hundred movies and tv-shows.
  • Amazon Prime Music where you can listen to more than a million songs.
  • Kindle Owner’s Lending Library & Kindle First allowing you to borrow a book per month for free, as well as a book from the editors’ picks .

Will it be a good deal for me?

Good Deal - Amazon Prime review 2018

Well that depends on how often you order on Amazon and if you are really interested by the one-day delivery feature. 
Let’s look at some numbers!

First example – Let’s try to order a jumper for my son

After adding the item to my basket, entering my delivery address, I’m offered these four options:

  • Standard delivery: £4.49
  • One Day delivery: £5.99
  • Express Delivery: £6.49
  • Nominated day delivery: £4.99

Second example – Let’s try to order a toy for the birthday of my daughter’s friend

For this example, I was given the same 4 options as above with the same price, plus two additional options:

  • 4-5 days free delivery: £0
  • Next day evening delivery: £6.99

Extract from Amazon website

If you aren’t an Amazon Prime member you’ll be charged £5.99 per delivery. Pay monthly mobile phones and SIM cards are dispatched via One-Day Delivery at no extra charge.

Amazon on One Day Delivery
With Amazon Prime, I would be going for the one-day delivery for free and thus sparing £5.99. In conclusion, to make up for the £79 yearly membership, I would need to order 13 items during a year.

However if you are not in a rush and not sure to order 13 items a year, you could choose the free super saver delivery and wait 3-5 days to receive your orders. That would work well for people that order gifts way in advance for instance and that order items that cost above £20.

Does it work well

For the 10 years we have been using this service, we only had a few incidents but it was mainly items not shipped by Amazon themselves.
The last one was this summer. I ordered two cameras for my kids, the same one but in different color. I wanted the kids to have a camera that they could use under the water while snorkeling in Croatia. So I ordered 1 week before leaving (I tend to procrastinate a lot).
Unfortunately my daughter camera got lost during the delivery, so we contacted the customer service by chat and told them about the situation.
They offered a refund to order a new one and gave us a free month of Prime. That was all they could do as it was not an Amazon camera but a reseller one.
Overall, we are pretty satisfied with the service and their customer service has always been responsive and helpful.

What are other services would I have access to

Prime Video

This is the one we use the most. With Prime Videos we have access to a countless number of films and tv-shows.
We do have a Fire Stick which makes Prime Video easier to use, but you could install an app on your phone or watch on your computer. You could also download the episodes or films, and watch them later (on the Tube for instance).
It costs £5.99 for non-prime users which is the same price as Netflix. So it’s pretty sweet to have it for free and you can binge watch some great shows like Mr Robot, Orphan Black, Vikings, Catastrophe, Suits, the Good Wife to name a few.
As opposite to Netflix though, all videos are not free of charge.

Twitch Prime

I have been watching videos on Twitch for a while and if you are into gaming you are probably familiar with this online video service. It is the world’s most popular site to watch and stream video games. 
You can also stream IRL (in real-life) stuff, and people were streaming themselves watching the football world Cup for instance.

Why do we watch Twitch? It is often to watch and learn from the best players. Their channels come with a chat in which you can interact with them by asking specific questions. 

Twitch Prime will offer gamers the opportunity to earn extra benefits such as special loot boxes, free games, ad-free streaming… We won a legendary outfit for Fortnite, boxes in Overwatch, cards in Heartstone…

I really like the last option because like everybody I hate being interrupted by a silly ad in the middle of watching a game.

Kindle Owner’s Lending Library & Kindle First

You can borrow only one book per month, however there is a large variety of books to choose from. So the service can still be useful for a while.
You can also download one of six editors’ picks for free and before their official release date.

If you want to have access to Kindle unlimited, you will have to pay an additional £7.99 (or $9.99) per month. you will have access to a library of 1 million titles, thousands of audiobooks and a rotating selection of magazines.

Prime Music

With Prime Music, You will be able to listen to more than two million songs.  But if you need to pay an additional fee to have access to the complete library.
The cost of Prime Music Unlimited is £9.99 per month, which is the exact same price as Spotify or Google music.

We do have a YouTube premium account that includes Google Music, so we have not been using Prime Music.

Amazon Drive Photo storage

This service works similarly to Google Drive or your iCloud. You can download an app on your phone or use your computer directly and start uploading and saving your photos to Amazon cloud.
You have access to 5 GB of videos and files, and unlimited storage of photos while you only have  a free 15 GB (regardless of the type of the files) on Google Drive.
For a similar service for photos, you would have to increase the size of your Google Drive and thus pay an additional fee..

Prime Day

Amazon Prime day takes places in July and lasts a bit more than 24 hours. It is only open to Amazon Prime members and they have access to a lot of great deals. The 2018 Prime Day was a record breaking date for Amazon, with over £3 billion spent at Amazon in 36 hours.

Exclusive early access to Lightning Deals

Another service included in the Amazon Prime offer is the “Early Access”. Amazon Prime members have a 30 minutes head start on the lightning deals, where a reduced products are sold in a limited number.
That sounds interesting but as you don’t know what the deals will include it might not be as useful as it sounds. You can still use it around Christmas or for some last minute gift shopping.

No-Rush Shipping Program

If you are not in a hurry, you can choose the no-rush shipping option available on eligible items and earn promotional rewards towards your next orders.
Try to spread your orders instead of ordering all the items at once, to earn a bit more.

Other advantages

You will also have access to : 

  • Amazon household: You can share some of your services with one other member of your household. We use this service as it grants us the possibility to both access Prime Video streaming (although the second account cannot download the videos).
  • Amazon Family: You can save 20% on nappies and have access to other discounts once you have entered some details about your family and qualify for the program.
  • Prime Now:  If your postcode is covered, you can get orders delivered in two hours thanks to this service. – We have used this service to order batteries for the kids’ toys for instance.
  • Amazon Pantry:  This is a service for grocery shopping. You will be charged per number of virtual boxes you will fill in. Check out the offers to get a free delivery.
  • Amazon restaurants: This is a bit like Deliveroo or Uber Eats, and is available for some cities only (central London and about 20 US cities). You can browse the list of restaurants available and order cooked food that will arrive within an hour.
  • Reward cards: in the US, Amazon Prime users can have access to the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card and earn unlimited 5% back on all Amazon and Whole Foods purchases. Other reward cards are available in the UK but do not offer great deals.
  • Amazon Channels: Amazon Prime members in the US can also have access to Showtime, HBO, and other famous channels. That will come with an extra cost but you will only pay for the channels you want. In the UK, you can have access to Eurosport or MGM for example. 

Our Verdict

verdict - Amazon Prime review 2018

We love:

  • The next delivery option as we tend to do everything last minute.
  • Twitch Prime, in particular because of the ad-free option. We also enjoy getting free gifts :).
  • Amazon Drive and the option to back up all our pictures without having to pay for additional storage.
  • Having access to TV-shows such as Mr Robot (we are very sad that it was cancelled).
  • Prime Day deals.
  • The flexibility of ordering regardless of the amount of our trolley – we do not have to wait until we have enough articles to buy, and can submit multiple orders a day in case we forgot something.

We don’t like:

  • The frustration when you find out that a tv-show or movie is not free (that’s understandable, but still frustrating). Recently there was a big ad on Amazon about a very successful tv-show “This is us”. I was really excited to watch the season 2, but that didn’t last as I soon found out that not only did I have to pay but the episodes were being released one at a time and not all at once. We put a pass-code to avoid buying episodes or movies inadvertently.

Overall, we are pretty happy with the membership and will keep on subscribing as we make more than the 13 minimum orders per month, that we calculated earlier. 

Should you sign-up

If you do not order a lot from Amazon, do not own a kindle and are not interested by Prime Videos, than you should probably keep on using the free super saver delivery and wait until your basket reaches £20 before ordering.

If not, you should probably give it a try.

How to cancel

If after the one month trial, you are not satisfied with Prime, you can end the trial period by signing up to tour account and heading to Manage Your Prime Membership.

Do you have an Amazon Prime account? Are you enjoying it?

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