About us

Hello and Welcome to our blog!

My name is Rim and I live in London with my husband and my two kids, Loulou (born in 2012) and Nounours (born in 2014). In this blog, you will find posts about our days out and travels, the games we love, the activities we try…

We are a geeky family who loves traveling and discovering new places:

  • We moved to the UK in 2016 following a new job opportunity in London.
  • I’m an introvert, I love travelling, video games, tv-shows, taking pictures and I hate coffee.
  • Hubby is a huge Zelda fan, you could tell by our doormat. He loves strategy games and card games, could spend days coding an app.
  • Loulou wants to be a youtuber and make videos of all the games he tries. He is very independent, loves dinosaurs, bubblegum ice-creams and swimming.
  • Nounours is into role-playing, she could spend her day pretending to be a mummy for her dolls. She loves parcs, chocolate and Elsa.

Feel free to say hi, we would love to hear about you.